“After seeing several Alexander teachers and not understanding what this was about, I went to see David. We talked about my past experiences and he sent me away with a book, “Indirect Procedures” by Pedro de Alcantara. After reading the book we met and with his guidance and much discussion, I came away with a very clear understanding of what the Alexander Technique can do for you. To be able to really feel the shift in my mind and body while I played was an amazing moment of realization that I couldn’t have come to without David’s teaching.”
—Jon Nazdin, professional bassist

“David is a wonderful teacher who knows how to help you quiet your body allowing improved, relaxed performance.”
—Dawn Badrick, Piano and Voice Student, Organizational Coach

“I’ve gone to about AT sessions with David two or three times a month over the last half year. I believe it helps my posture and movement, and reduces my back and neck problems, when I remember to put the teachings into practice. I think it helps me to remember to use good body position and mechanics as well as teaching me in a hands-on way good thinking, body position and movement in various activities. We have addressed my thinking, posture, and movement while playing the marimba, djembe drum, and the piano, both sitting and standing, as well as while sitting at a computer, as I do all day at my ‘day job’ “.
—Gary Gibian, keyboard and vibraphone with the Larkmeade Jazz Ensemble and percussion with the Souler Power Band.

“Over the past two years, David has demonstrated a deep understanding of the Alexander Technique, while being creative & challenging with assisting me to develop the ability to apply the technique on my own.  All the while David has been supportive, adventuresome, & insightful in our sessions.  I am a better musician and human being for having worked with him.”
Patrick Smith, guitarist. Patrick frequently blogs about his Alexander Technique lessons at A Journeyman’s Way Home.

Ask David a question: 301-562-9079 or  david.jernigan@gmail.com