Technique: a way of doing something by using special knowledge or skill (musicians know a lot about this).

Alexander’s technique teaches special skills in applying knowledge about how you direct your body.  These skills help you stay alert and relaxed, poised to take hold of an instrument and use it most effectively.

Let me try to explain how it works (excuse my run-on sentences; I promise I can help you distill a simple one-phrase idea you can use if I work with you!):

The basic skill is using a simple thought, usually about the relationship of the body or part of it to another part or to what’s around you, in such a way that leaves you ready to go into movement in any action you choose, and in such a way that minimizes tension and strain while maximizing efficiency.  These thoughts are simple and universal enough that they work whether you intend to stay seated, get up and play, or go dance.

The added skill Alexander Technique teachers have is the skill of placing their hands on you in such a way that clarifies what they’re talking about.  People get a lot of non-verbal information from each other, and combined with an idea and a visual demonstration, human touch can be a very effective way of communicating.


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