I’ve been offering an Alexander Technique class for musicians every Monday for a number of years. I’m offering a free preview next Monday, Oct. 5, in Silver Spring, MD. I have 3 spots open, so drop me a line and let me know if you’re in!

I am a teacher of the Alexander Technique. What do I do? Well, it looks like “body work”. I use my hands lightly, so really it feels more like energy work. Actually, that’s pretty close to what it is although we call the energy “thinking.” What you get from me is changes, often little changes and sometimes big. Changes in how you hold yourself, carry yourself, move. Yes, it’s about thinking, feeling, moving and posture. It’s a very fresh approach to movement and posture. It relaxed you where you’re tight and energizes you where you’re lax.

How? By teaching you where you might be working too hard AND where you’re letting yourself collapse. So yes, it’s relaxation and yes, it’s posture.

What’s it like? Exercise? Not really, just some ways of shifting your sensing and thinking that you can do just sitting or lying around, or playing music or doing any exercise or job. Even something that requires concentration can benefit from learning a new way to focus.

I also have ideas to share with you. Along with using my hands to help you make changes, together we come up with ideas that you can use every day to make life easier.

Want to check it out, Monday or some other time? Call me at 301-562-9079 (daytime)


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