Most people come to Alexander Technique ’cause they’ve got back trouble or some kind of injury. I did, way back early in my career as a bass player. And it helps prevent injury, and you can get better. Worked for me, definitely . . .

The other part is that you learn to move more efficiently, and all the sudden things get freer and easier. As a performer it really opened me up. More expressive, swinging. Even fun!
I’ve seen the Alexander Technique help people in both of these ways so many time that I find it hard to try to sell it as just pain relief. I’d rather offer the twofer: you can deal with your problem-pain, tension, posture, etc., and you can connect more with your music, or any sort of performance, or any kind of job or avocation.
Class tonight! (Tuesdays at 7). Call me at 301-562-9079 or email


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