“Play well, hurt less” is David’s class on learning to take care of yourself while playing music.
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David with Eliot Seppa


“Musicians-Monday Mornings at the crack of noon!”

David Jernigan teaches the Alexander Technique (AT), helping musicians and others learn to comfortably do what they do. AT reduces tension, avoids injury, helps with recovery from back pain and repetitive motion injury.  It also makes it easier to get what you want, out of your instrument or any task. “My goal is to give you an idea you can use to make life easy.”

David is offering an ongoing introductory course:
Mondays, 12-1:30 pm, or Tuesdays, 7-8:30 pm.
Course fee: 5 weeks of your choice for $150, or drop in for one class for $30;
in a private home in Silver Spring, MD (contact for directions) There is room for 6 people; please contact David to register:
301-562-9079 or

From a recent workshop participant:

“I loved the workshop and thought it really went well.  You paid such exquisite attention to each person and your musical knowledge was so impressive and added great credibility.  I appreciated the effort and the value in helping each person walk out with something they might remember and use. You were warm and relaxed and friendly, how very appealing.  In short, I thought you were great!”

David talks about the Alexander Technique:

“Why check out the Alexander Technique? Most people come to Alexander Technique because of back trouble or injury. I did, early in my career as a bass player. And it helps prevent injury, and you can get better. Worked for me, definitely . . . 

“The other part is that you learn to move more efficiently, and suddenly things get freer and easier. As a performer it really opened me up. More expressive, swinging. Even fun! 

“I’ve seen the Alexander Technique help people in both of these ways so many times that I find it hard to try to sell it as just pain relief. I’d rather offer the twofer: you can deal with your problem-pain, tension, posture, etc., and you can connect more with your music, or any sort of performance, or any kind of job or avocation”. 

Class Tuesdays at 7pm; Mondays at noon. Private lessons also available.
Scheduling, questions: 301-562-9079 or david.jernigan@gmail.com

Photos of David: 1. with Eliot Seppa;  2. with Bhagwan Khalsa; 3. with Dawn B.